Your time on the road is invaluable.  Down time from a flat battery can cost you time and, more importantly, money. Never have to worry about a flat battery again when you have  a 24 or 12 VOLT SUPER BOOSTER on board.  The SUPER BOOSTER is a 1200 Amp Booster Pack that is specially designed to start all 12 and 24 volt systems to get you back on the road within minutes. After 18 months of continuous research, development and testing Three Way Works Ltd has produced the smallest most powerful 24 Volt and 12 Volt jump start pack in its class.


This amazing flat battery jump start pack comes complete with On/Off switch, 12 volt DC outlet , 12v DC on board charger, 240 volt workshop charger, 6 bright front LED lights and 2 red back LED lights which also flash to alert on-coming traffic in the event of a roadside breakdown or emergency situation.  It’s the cutting edge technology founded and developed by the Three Way Works Ltd International development team that makes the 24v SUPER BOOSTER and the 12v SUPERBOOSTER the best in it’s class. If you need an emergency battery booster pack look not further than the Super Booster!


You can charge the battery booster from your on-board 12v DC auxiliary to keep it fully charged and ready for wherever you are and whenever you need it.  The 24 and 12 Volt Super Booster is 100% memory free and cannot be overcharged or undercharged. This extends the life of the unique rechargeable Absorbed Glass Matt Lead Acid Battery. There is nothing as dependable on the market today that comes close to the 24 and 12 volt SUPER BOOSTER.  Start your truck, bus or any other heavy machinery from dead with this amazing emergency battery booster pack. The 1200 Amp Booster Pack that is the SUPER BOOSTER is easy to handle, lightweight and compact making it ideal to keep charging in the cabin of your truck or bus as you travel. There are two super bright LED lights on the Super Booster allowing you to easily see under the bonnet to connect the Booster to the battery and start the vehicle in the dark. This feature can also be used as a standard torch.  Pushing the LED torch button twice will cause the super bright LED lights to flash, which is great for emergency rescue situations.  The Super Booster really is the very best flat battery jump start pack on the market. The powerful 1200 Amp Booster Pack with not let you down. Don’t leave home without your Super Booster and never have the hassle of a flat battery again!



  • Size: L= 28cm W=28cm H=17cm
  • Weight: Weighing only 12 kg
  • Lights: Two LED Lights
  • Charging power: AC 100-240 V adaptor; CE / UL / PSE Certified
  • Accessory leads: 12V auxiliary socket
  • Rechargeable Battery: Acid Battery DC
  • This amazing product also comes with a 12 month replacement warranty

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