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Super Mini Booster


Portable Emergency Power Pack

The Super Mini Booster is the smallest and most powerful jump starter pack in its class!

smbHook the Super Mini Booster up to your cars dead battery and your car will start instantly. Once the Super Mini Battery Booster is fully charged you’ll get between 10 to 20 jump starts from this handy Jump starter pack without having to plug the unit in. The powerful instantaneous 1200-Ampere battery in the Super Mini Booster can easily jump start any engine up to 6.5 litre (12 volts). The Super Mini Booster really is the most amazing portable jump starter on the market. If your car or truck needs more power see the 12v/24v Super Booster!

Best of all, the super mini booster weighs only 4.9kg and is the smallest and most lightweight portable car battery booster with a 14AH high capacity. The Super Mini Booster delivers instant cold crank power when you need it and has a fast rechargeable long life battery.


Watch it in action…

What’s in the box?

The Super Mini Booster is easy to use, lightweight and extremely compact, making it easy to store in your car, camper van, boat or jet ski.  Having a flat battery in your 4WD is never a welcome situation, especially when you are camping in a remote area or in a tight carpark that makes jump-starting with another vehicle difficult. The Super Mini Battery Booster is a compact way to avoid being stuck in those annoying situations.  The Super Mini Booster is more than just a portable car battery jump starter, the power outlet connection of the Super Mini Booster provides 12V/80W power that can be used to power accessories such as your spotlight, air compressor, DVD player, radio, electric fan, electric cooler boxes. This incredible portable jump starter can even charge your mobile phone!

Super Mini Booster is all you need to jump start your car! You’ll never need the assistance of another car with the super mini battery booster on hand. Trying to hook your car up to another car with jumper cables will be a thing of the past and jumper cable lengths will no longer be a problem.

Watch how it performs with farm machinery!

When the Super Mini Booster is running low on charge a red LED light will come on in the control panel, reminding you to recharge your Super Mini Booster from your car or boat’s power accessory outlet or AC/DC power outlet. When the Super Mini Booster is fully charged the green LED light on the control panel will come on, that’s how you know that it is ready for use. This portable jump starter couldn’t be easier to use.

Watch the River to Reef team test the Super Mini Booster on a boat…

The Super Mini Booster section starts at 4 minutes and 30 seconds.


There is no memory effect for this rechargeable Super Mini Booster so you can’t overcharge or undercharge it. The Super Mini Battery Booster has two super bright LED lights, which will help you to see under the bonnet to connect the Booster to the battery and start the car in the dark. This feature can also be used as a standard torch.  Pushing the LED torch button twice will cause the super bright LED lights to flash, which is great for emergency rescue situations. Never be stranded again with the powerful and portable jump starter that is the Super Mini Booster.

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