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The Super Mini Booster can jump start almost any electric start engine

I recently bought a super mini booster form Three Way Works. A small, portable car battery, able to jump start cars from either the main terminals of the cigarette lighter. I found myself using it on more than one occasion when I was out of power in my old vehicle. I would just plug it into the 12 volt cigarette lighter and it charged while I drove. It meant I didn’t have to get out the bulky cable leads, and I didn’t have to drain power from someone else’s vehicle.

Having the super mini booster ( it really is tiny, at only 4.6 kg) meant that I didn’t have to rely on anyone, and there was no waiting to recharge the car. One recharge of the super mini booster gives me 10-20 jump starts, so I’m always ready if needs be. I’ll never have to use anything else, and it’s always there, right in the glove box.

I’d recommend the super mini booster to any car owner, as well as any quad bike or small truck owner. I have a small hobby farm, meaning lots of different vehicles. The super mini booster can recharge them all, so it’s all I’ll ever need.

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