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The Super Mini Booster could be an asset to your business

As the owner of a second hand car yard, I need to make sure that all of my vehicles are maintained to the highest standard. Between test drives with customers, and regular engine, lights and wiper tests, the cars can go through fuel quite quickly, as well as use power from the battery. When this happens, I need something to recharge my vehicles quickly and easily. Coming in to jump start my cars with huge batteries, and cables is an inconvenience I could do without. Luckily I’ve found the solution with the Super Mini Booster, from Three Way Works.

The super mini booster is a small and lightweight (4.6 kg) portable car battery, able to recharge and 12 volt device. With only one recharge, the super mini booster has enough power to jump start between 10 and 20 vehicles. That means less down time for me, and more of my vehicles and running. They can plug into the cigarette lighter, as well as the main terminals, so I can discreetly recharge a number of my vehicles, and still have them ready for display, and even test drives. It charges while you drive, so almost no down time for the cars at all.

Affordable, as well as portable, I have three sitting in my office fully charged, ready to go if needs be. I highly recommend the super mini booster for anyone that owns, or works with automobiles. There’s no reason not to buy one today; you’ll be glad you did.

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